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Paivio, Taimi

Age: 97
Passed on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Posted by:
Karl Myllymaki

Posted on:
June 15, 2019

You and Dad were my "Rocks" in life,could always count on you both to always be there for me no matter what! You taught me to always wear my heart on my sleeve and always be truthful with those we loved, I will do it with great pride(Sisu) Mummu(Grandma) as you did and proud to be compared to you by Dad.Now your back with him,your baby boy,give Dad a hug for me and tell him I miss him terribly as I do miss you and will for a thousand yrs! With love your grandson Karl.

Posted by:
Judy Parker

Posted on:
June 11, 2019

My sincerest condolences go out to Ethel and all the other members of Taimi's family. Letting Mom go is not easy. Minulla on aina äitiä ikävää! Even after 11 years. I'm pretty sure she will pop into your mind often, bringing back some of the dearest memories, and bitter sweet sorrow. I will say hi to your mom whenever mine visits me. Blessings, love, peace and joy to you all. Judy